The Power of Visual Communication

What patients seek these days

Visual communication dates back thousands of years when cavemen used images to express and share their vision, ideas and thoughts. Nowadays as the digital world loads our lives with unlimited sources of information, it’s clear that the visual storytelling impact has never lost its power.

Digital dentistry techniques such as digital smile designs, are reshaping the way dentists approach their patients as these are being used as visual communication tools to educate the patient about treatment plans which consequently elude to quality restorative care and can significantly enhance the patient experience while increasing case acceptance rate.

Fear of the unknown no more – setting yourselves apart

Your patients are the most important people in your office, and how much you emphasize the patient experience, in their eyes, defines how much you value them. Always remember that how you communicate with a patient can directly affect the outcome of the case acceptance. If you’re able to get your patients to make an emotional connection with the treatment that’s where the magic starts to happen and that’s part of what Dream Smile Club intends to help you do.

An extension of your dream team

This is where Dream Smile Club differentiates itself from other patient referral services. We introduce a Digital Smile Simulation, also known as the “Smile Preview,” to patients seeking cosmetic treatments.

A Smile Preview is always personalized in accordance to the patient’s facial characteristics. The ultimate goal of a Smile Specialist from Dream Smile Club is to show a smile makeover that focuses on facial harmony for the best natural-looking results. This unique approach creates an opportunity for dentists to receive potential new patients that are engaged and eager to learn more about viable treatment options to make their dream smile a reality.

Published On: March 21st, 2021 /