Dream Smile Assessment

How Would You Describe Your Smile?

Select one option that best describes your current smile and see what you can do to improve your smile.


My teeth could be whiter


My teeth are chipped


My teeth are short


I have a gummy smile


My teeth are displaced


I am missing a tooth

I need a different procedure


Still have questions?

Dream Smile Club is the only service in the United States that offers you the chance to preview your smile and be connected to a Smile Specialist at no cost. We make the connection between you and the right cosmetic dentist a seamless experience and process.

Our goal is to show you what changes can come from a potential smile change, big or small. The selfie allows us to create a personalized smile design for you based on your facial characteristics to get the best possible esthetic outcome.

Yes! The Smile Preview is part of our free service offering to you.

Not at all. The Smile Preview gives you an idea of how you can improve your smile. If you don’t want a preview and prefer to get connected with a top dentist in your area without it, simply send us an email to info@dreamsmileclub.com with your zip code and smile pain point so we can find you the perfect specialist!

Absolutely! All Dream Smile Club providers know that we provide you with a Smile Preview for reference. They can use it as visual aid and provide you with treatment options for bringing that smile to life after conducting a clinical assessment.

During our call with you we share details of the dentist and their office. Then we connect with the front desk so you can book your first consultation. We also email you the dentist contact information for your records.

We can help you narrow down your options but we recommend running this question by the dental office to verify all payment options available.

That is correct! We have a network of trusted cosmetic dentists nationwide.

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